When: 3rd, 4th or 5th of February, 2017. Each run is roughly 9 hours of playtime and 2 hours of workshopping.
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: 3:e VĂ¥ningen, a series of old industrial halls that have been rebuilt for theatre, dance and art installations. The venue was used for The Solution, but Do Androids Dream will use different areas and at a very different scope. It will be smaller and borrow from the black-box larps, with different sceneries in different marked zones. Instructions on how to get there can be found here:

Sign-up: Is open! You can find it here: SIGN UP
Number of participants: 32 per run.
Price range: We have decided to use a varied payment plan, where everyone pays what they can afford, from a minimum level and upwards.

We will be able to run the larp even if everyone pays the minimum, but it will be at a significantly lower level of aesthetics and scenography. The greater the number of participants who pay a higher ticket price, the more will we be able to invest into the scenography, sounds, lights, layout and overall expenses. We will also be able to rent the location for a longer time, to allow us more time to work with the set.

The lowest price will be 500 SEK / 50 euro, going up to 1200 SEK / 120 euro per player for our ideal budget.


Due to the short notice, we have decided to have a first come, first serve basis for the tickets. As soon as you have received confirmation of your sign-up, you will have a week to pay, before your spot is allocated to the next person on the list.

However, we reserve the right to prioritize according to what we feel would make a better larp for everyone.

Language: English
Minimum age: 18

Contact email: but we prefer to use Facebook for contacting us. Our page is HERE


Friday, 3rd of February:
10:00 – Workshop starts
12:00 – Play starts
21:00-21:30 – Play finishes, debrief starts
22:30-23:00 – Debrief ends
23:00-02:00 – Socializing

Saturday, 4th of February:
10:00 – Workshop starts
12:00 – Play starts
21:00-21:30 – Play finishes, debrief starts
22:30-23:00 – Debrief ends
23:00-02:00 – Socializing

Sunday, 5th of February:
09:00 – Workshop starts
11:00 – Play starts
20:00-20:30 – Play finishes, debrief starts
21:30-22:00 – Debrief ends
23:00-01:00 – Socializing

It will not be possible to sleep on location.



  • An indoor set divided into zones where fully immersive play takes place
  • Mechanics for creating fate-play for yourself for upcoming scenes
  • Characters that have a high degree of transparency but with a few elements that are secret, even to their own players.
  • Several landscapes of sounds, lights and moods that fit the genre
  • Blade-runner inspired main story that is woven through all the individual fates
  • A noodle bar, for that Blade Runner feeling. Noodles will be served.
  • Workshops and structured debrief


  • Trying to find the things worth living for, whether you are an Android or not
  • Making life-changing decisions and living with the consequences
  • Earn a life, or take one
  • Dance your worries away at the Club
  • Test yourself to find out whether you are an Android or not
  • Escape with your loved one – or fail, and see everything you care about taken away from you.
  • Live out a last night of passion before your inevitable death.
  • Exploitation of individuals, body and soul, intimate as well as violent
  • Objectification of Androids


Show up on time for the workshops and the game
Put in an effort to contact the players of your existing character relations before the game
Make an effort to dress, act and talk in a way that goes along with the Noir-Cyberpunk feeling of the movie Blade Runner and the vision described for Do Androids Dream?


This larp will use a few streamlined techniques to improve player experience and safety. Our goal is that they should be very non-intrusive and they will be rehearsed during the workshop.

There will be water-based smoke from smoke machines at the larp. It will not contain any toxic gasses or anything harmful to people, but might be irritating for some. Take note.

This larp is a mature larp that involves many difficult themes. Make sure to read through all the content and themes so you are certain that this larp is for you.


There will be a few different meta-techniques, mostly involving the different zones or locations in the larp. They will be detailed in the workshop.