The larp is about a group of people who are all being pushed towards making some important choices for, possibly, the first time in their lives.

During the larp, players will travel between different locations in the City, in a search for meaning. Everyone has their own reasons for traveling between the zones, but each story will intertwine with dozens of others.

The larp is played in three acts:
Exploration, Decision, Consequence

During the first act, Exploration, each character is seeking something. It might be aimlessly or with a very clear intent, but what it means during the larp is that they go between zones or stay in a few, getting to know other characters. They create connections and meaningful friendships, romantic interests or rivalries. They create the stakes. Here, players are encouraged to make sure they leave the act with at least a few individuals that they care about, either on a personal level or through their other motivations.

During the second act, Decision, each character approaches several important decisions. They will be receiving orders from their superiors, reasons to go through with an Android test, news that their friend or lover is an Android or many other potential revelations. Everyone will have their loyalties or reasons to exist tested in one way or another. These decisions are created by the other players, as individual motivations clash. Here, every player is encouraged to use the connections from the first act to create tension and difficult choices for themselves.

During the third act, Consequence, every character will make their choice and face the consequences. The tests go through, the orders are carried out, their lover is killed by police or they betray their own ideals. They endure the consequences. In the end, everyone has three options:

– Escape the setting with someone they care for. They choose a new life. The players will go through a lottery and receive the results of their attempt. Most will die, either trying to escape or from their short Android lifespans, but they will have lived and died for something they believed in.
– Kill, or be killed. They choose to make a stand, and either kill those they have to kill in order to survive, or be killed for who they are, what they are or for refusing to act on their orders.
– Descend into hopelessness. They go deeper into the nihilism and leave all things that ever mattered behind. Drugs, dance, sex or whatever small kicks they can still seek out, are all that matters for them now. This choice must always mean that they betray someone they cared about or betray their ideals that they shared with someone else. It might also mean that they die, shortly thereafter, if they are an Android, as their lifespan ends.

The Characters

Here are some of the concepts or themes that we have used while creating the characters. Each character is bound to several others, either through their social zones, their professions or their personal lives.

* There are those who are known Androids, escaped from their lives in slavery in order to experience freedom for the first time. They intend to love, live and die free, and if they can, earn a few more years for their limited lifespan.

* There are those who are forced to confront their own meaningless nature when they meet the Androids who have become like humans, only purer, more true than the humans ever were. What will these people think, and will they make a stand for the Androids or will they seek to eradicate them, in order not to be disturbed in their sleep?

* There are those who are just doing their jobs, some of the last jobs still done by humans. They have lived lives obeying authority and will be forced to realize that their seemingly meaningless actions have real consequences, for Androids that have begun caring.

* There are those who have fallen through the cracks and are fighting for their own survival, free of the suffocating society but also with real things on stake. Will they sympathize with the Androids or do they see their own existences as threatened by their presence?

* There are those who are just seeking meaning in any kind of excess, where the new Androids are just another thrill, something exciting for them to explore, something that hasn’t been encountered before. They want them as their slaves and will make sure they get what they want.

* And finally, there are those who do not know yet that they are Androids, and have lived without questioning their sense of fulfilment and contentedness that they’ve felt all their lives. Now, all of that changes as they are thrust into the chaos created by the escaped Androids.

Of course, these are just examples, but hopefully they give you an idea of what you can expect, character-wise.